William    Bisset    is    a    multi    award-winning    film    producer/actor    and currently presenting Southern Swaggie TV Series.   From   the   early   age   of   17,   William   has worked       in       the       broadcast       and television   industry   freelancing   for   TV3 and   later   One   News.   During   this   time, he     conceptualised     and     produced thousands        of        corporate        and educational      productions      including award      winning      TV      and      cinema productions.     William    first    appeared    on    camera    as    an    alter    ego    personality Willywillyyumyum   in   a   popular   music   video   titled   'Hard   Fat   Life',   this introduced    his    weekly    newspaper/video    articles    on    his    journey    to 'better health and a better life'.   From   there,   William   has   worked   on   several   comedy   videos   and   has been    invited    as    guest    speaker    around    the    country    in    the    area    of comedy, health and his background in the motivational industry.
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Five Nominations 2015

> Won Best Film Director

> Won Best Film Editor

Three Nominations 2014

> Won Best Film Special Effects

> Won Best Weird Film

> Won Peoples Choice Award

Three Nomiations 2011

> Won Peoples Choice Award

> Won Best Actor

Southern Swaggie
a TV series following the journey of a penniless swagman who bargins with locals to do jobs in exchange for food and shelter in The Catlins Area